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How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step

This is a good place to start if you  are looking for how to draw for beginners step by step, there are drawings for all levels, from experts to those who are just taking their first steps, plus you can choose by category (animals, people, cartoons, etc.).

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Learn How to Draw for Beginners Step by Step - Anime

I've noticed that people come to the site looking how to draw anime, so I decided to make a post with links to tutorials on how to draw anime or manga for those who want to learn, which is the same technique but used in drawing comics.

"Anime (Anime), outside of Japan, is the umbrella term for Japanese cartoons origin and to some extent related items. In Japan the term is taken to refer to animation in general. Anime is traditionally hand drawn, but now it has become common in computer animation. His screenplays include much of the fiction and are transmitted through film media (broadcasting, distribution, DVD movies and audio). Parallel to the anime, in Japan the world of manga comics regards Japanese origin develops. Among the manga and anime usually have a lot of interaction. "

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For starters there's something you have to put in your head before you start drawing. Whatever you do, people, animals, objects, whatever, you should ALWAYS draw as a volume. Everything has three dimensions when drawing one has to capture that sense of depth in the plane of the paper. Then you must first master the drawing geometric figures such as spheres, cubes, cylinders, parallelepipeds, etc.. viewed from all angles.
How to Draw for Beginners Step by Step - Basic Shapes
Before start drawing a character you should think about the position in which they find and then draw a sketch, taking into account the volume of each body part. This sketch will draw you like a manikin which will then add the clothes and details.

But all in good time. The important thing here is that you understand that you should not draw straight lines on paper, you build the character, as seen below.

Now we Draw the Head in How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step

To draw the head builds on a sphere and then added the jaw. The jaw line reaches behind the ears, but sometimes not drawn completely so that the face does not look too rough, especially if it's a woman. Depending on the age of the character, the head shape may vary. While the character is more adult, the head becomes more elongated.

Depending on the position of the head a vertical line indicating the center, which will serve as a reference to place the nose and mouth is drawn. Then draw a horizontal line where the eyes are placed. In these pictures you can see how the head is drawn in different positions.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the headHow to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the head
How to Draw Eyes

The eyes can be of many types depending on the taste of the artist. First the lines where the eyelashes will draw.The tabs above are thicker than those below. The cornea and the pupil center is then drawn. The cornea may be round or oval. The top is painted black or a dark color. There goes main brightness since light usually comes from above. On the side you can place a smaller than the main side shine. The bottom is painted in gradient, leaving the lighter or even white bottom. Across the bottom you can draw more glare, reflections, etc.. but without making the eyes look too burdened. Below the upper lashes, in the white part of the eyeball a small shadow cast by the upper lid is drawn. We can draw the upper eyelid to the eye look more realistic. Cover the eye brows on both sides. Remember that women's eyebrows are drawn thinner than those of men. Beneath the shadows eyebrows that occur through the holes in the skull that are the eyes (eye sockets) are drawn. And presto! Now we draw the classic eye manga style.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the eyes
Eyes on the face profile are triangle shaped.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the eyes
Due to perspective, in a face by three quarters the eye furthest away will look smaller.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the eyes
The height and size of the eye depends on individual taste, need not necessarily be at the center of the face.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the eyes

How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the eyes The Nose

The face seen from the front nose can be drawn in many ways. It all depends on the taste of the artist again. No need to draw a realistic nose. Sometimes only the shadow of the nose is drawn, or sometimes depicted with a small line. Here you can see some examples of the nose from the front.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the nose
The nose in a three-quarter face can also drawn in several ways. Not always the nose is drawn in the exact center of the face. You can draw a slightly forward as you can see in the picture below.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the nose in forward
The nose profile can also draw in many ways.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the nose profile
The mouth can be drawn as a single continuous line or two small lines that make mouth look more delicate in the case of women. You can also draw a small line below the mouth indicating lower lip.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the mouth
It's mouth in a face seen from the front is drawn to the center, but in the face by three quarters you can draw a little inwards, without exaggeration. To better understand the pattern look.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the mouth
The mouth profile is drawn as follows, noting that the upper lip is smaller than the lower one and is slightly later. On these figures to show the movement of the jaw when opened mouth. .'s open mouth profile can also be drawn as follows.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - the mouth
In these pictures we can see the movement of the jaw when the mouth is opened.
movement of the mouth

The open mouth of profile can also be drawn as follows.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - mouth
The ears can go from the eyes to the nose. You must never forget to do the "lines" of the ears.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - ears
The neck can be drawn thinner than its actual size. Highlight two neck muscles (sternocleidomastoid) ranging from the clavicles up behind the ears.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - Neck

Draw the hair seems to be very difficult, especially if the first step is omitted. At first I said you should do before making a sketch details. The same is to draw the hair. First of all a line that defines how far is the scalp and where begins a sketch. After we have the hair done and then plotted detail. Drawing drawn hair seems to be very difficult, especially if omitted the first step.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - hair
The "tufts" of hair should not be all the same, you should always change your shape and size to make it look better (should not appear bananas). To make the hair look natural, the strokes should be loose.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - hair
All hair should not always follow the same direction. Try to draw some hair over the heads of others.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - hair
By doing this do not forget to erase the lines of the hair that are behind others.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - hair
Ask queues hairstyles is very simple. You should only remember that all hairs are in the direction to the starting point of the tail.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - hair
Here we can see some hairstyles.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - hairstyles
There is a way to draw realistic hair with shine. First the lines are drawn in the form of lightning in hair, where the brightness is found. Hair lines are then drawn towards the beam until all hair is covered under the area where we would decide brightness (usually in the curves).
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - hair
This technique takes some time but the result is worth it.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - hair
Expressions of face-
By drawing more we know, our characters come to life if not always serious draw. So we must take into account the state of mind in which your character is when you draw it.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step face expression
Look at the picture changes if we do now with an expression of joy.

For this I have drawn raised eyebrows, eyes in the classic arched shape and smiling mouth (as if you had not noticed at the drawing). Does not it look prettier? ^ _ ^
But happiness does not last forever Now we will draw sad, about to mourn. Notice how the position of the eyebrows that are now stuck in the eye and upward.

Let's draw the annoying character. Now see how his eyebrows go down and the iris of the eye shrinks. This is valid in the manga is done to give more drama to the expression.

Now let's draw the character annoying screaming. I've drawn the line between the eyebrows is frowning (which did not turn out so well). Also notice how the neck goes forward.

Now your character is scared or something so surprised. The neck is now going backwards.

Here I've drawn the character with expression of pride, arrogance, or it may be that they may have had enough. See what you have in your hair is a symbol used in the manga and represents a vein is throbbing, about to burst. As we all know, it is impossible to have a vein above the hair, but in this manga do.

Suppose that our character is screwed up and embarrassed. The mouth is like smiling but gritted teeth. The droplet is another symbol widely used and represents a drop of sweat.
Finally here we see the character-faced resignation or apathy. The symbol that looks like a mushroom represents the breath.

Of course these are not the only expressions in the world. These are just some examples of the most common expressions to give you an idea. You can manage to various expressions by combining the different positions of the eyebrows, eyes and mouth, it's about my playing. Another recommendation is to use your mirror (not just to see your face for hours and bust a granite) and observe your face in different expressions and go copying on paper.

Facial expressions better when, to what we have now learned, we add the rotation of face, which is what we shall see.


-Face Rotation

As you will remember, and we learned to draw the face of the front, side and three-quarters. It started from a sphere and two lines, one vertical nose and mouth and a horizontal eye and ears were drawn. These lines are very important in order to draw a face in different positions. It is also important to master the drawing geometric figures, in this case the sphere, as already mentioned.
In this picture we see a face from the front. No problem here (I hope).

But how would we do this face rotated backwards. It's actually not that difficult. We take as reference the horizontal line, now stooped will draw up. The eyes, nose and mouth rise, along with the chin. The ears down a bit. The front looks smaller. Notice how the chin position has changed.
To rotate down is exactly the opposite.
Here I've drawn the face profile.
Now I'm going to rotate clockwise character. The horizontal line makes it easier to work. Look at the position of the eyes, eyebrows, mouth and jaw changes with the position of the horizontal line.
Now to the other side.
Finally, the face is in three quarters.
Up and down.
As you may have noticed here is not much to say. The horizontal and vertical lines are key.
The positions that I post here are basic, but actually using the lines as a guide can draw the face in all positions you want.

If rotation brings you face many problems you can practice drawing seeing your own face in a mirror. Practicing is the best way to learn to draw.

In this animation we can see the pictures in action
Not bad .

Human - Figure

The standard measure of the human body is eight heads tall . That is to start drawing a character will leave by the head, which we take as reference for body size .
Both men and women in the arm reaches roughly waist . Forearm size is equal to the arm . The wrist should get more or less to the pubis .
See that man has much wider than the woman back. The woman on the other hand has the wider hips than men's.

It is obvious that in man the muscles stand out more in women.

As I said , this is a standard measure , which means that not all of our characters must necessarily measure eight seeds . The size changes according to the age or sex of the character. Adult women often drawn eg with seven heads tall . But we must always remember that no matter the height , the center of the human body is the pubis.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - Human Figure
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - woman figure
We already know the proportions of the human body and some muscle . But how do we begin to draw your character in different positions ?

First of all you imagine what your character find position . Once you have decided the position , draws a skeleton of the character as shown in the following drawings ( not you go to draw all the bones in the body ) . This is very important if you do not have much experience with body proportions . Why? Imagine you start to draw your character, and you finished up what you have started. Then when you look good your artwork you realize that you left one arm short. What are you doing ? To avoid any such problems is that you make the skeleton. Draw it in the position you want, double check that everything is in order, corrects all errors of proportion and once you're a hundred percent happy with your skeleton can just start giving volume.

Do not even start drawing your character dress. The details such as eyes, hair and clothes comes later.
We know the body proportions and how to draw our characters. But you get it right the human figure must practice enough. Practice, draw whatever, looking for pictures from magazines, clothing catalogs, newspapers or the Internet and start studying drawing and body shapes. It is the best way to learn.

Here I put some sketches I made that can serve you.
the body - some examples

Hands - How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step

The hands seem to be very difficult to draw, but really are not. Tion, if they are hard to draw, but they practice helps. The technique that they taught me a while ago that the drawing of the hands is not so complicated.

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I guess there is no longer any difficulty in drawing cylinders right? . Then we will have no problem drawing the fingers. If this is not so please please contact lesson one . lol ...

We start by drawing the shape of the palm . Then we go four lines where the index, middle , ring and little fingers. Each of these fingers will divide into three equal parts.

Actually the three parts of the fingers ( phalanx , phalanx and distal phalanx ) are not equal. The phalanx is the longest , but the articulation of the metacarpal phalangeal (the set of bones between the wrist and fingers ) is in the palm of your hand. Have you understood ? Never mind, let us continue ...
First make the middle finger , as it is more or less the same size as the palm of the hand. With reference to the middle finger will draw the missing fingers.

As we can see in the pictures below , the ring finger is slightly smaller than the average , followed closely by the index, which is bigger than the little finger.

To make the thumb draw triangle that reaches the middle of the palm . This triangle is the first section of the thumb. Then we draw the other two sections .
Easy, no? . Then the drawings .
Hands - How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step
Hands - How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step
But the joke is not finished here. Now comes the hard part, which is to draw the hand in various positions.

Here we can see some examples using this technique.
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - hands
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - Hands
How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step - hand
Some positions are more difficult than others, but we should always remember the following: ... Now I forgot what it was. Ah, draw the parts of his fingers as if they were cylinders. And no matter if a finger is not going to see that it is covered by the other. We must always draw all parts of all fingers. Also I should clarify (in case there are any lentil) because of the prospect that not always the fingers will be the same size. mmm ....

Another thing. We must draw the finger joints so that the hands go we realists and do not seem sausage fingers. The fingers are not perfect cylinders. The cylinders serve as our base, nothing more.
We can practice watching our hands in front of a mirror and drawing them in different positions. It is important to practice, but we never hands will work out.

Here I put some positions to practice.
Happy? Now, find a mirror and draw together.


Like the hands, feet require a lot of practice.

In the picture below we can see the shape of the foot seen from above and in front. Here you can see the bent shape of the foot and the position of the fingers. We must remember that the inner ankle is higher than the external. For those who did not notice, in the picture we are seeing right foot.
To simplify the drawing up and get used to the way we can divide it into four sections as shown below.
This technique not only serves to draw the foot in profile. We can also apply for perspective drawing as shown in the following image.
When drawing feet woman must draw smooth lines and curves that make them look more delicate and feminine. Instead, the lines of male feet will be coarser, straight and strong. Because otherwise they will be half .... rare.

I almost forgot to mention that the foot length is about one head.

We must practice drawing feet from all possible viewpoints. How? You guessed it. Grab your mirror again and draw your own feet. Of course, if you have someone willing to make a model, even better. Especially if you have very ugly feet.
example of foot drawing

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