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Addiction or Entertainment?

addiction to video games
If you spend much time sitting in front of a TV, spending time with video games, and if it fails to meet its responsibilities for engaging in this activity, you may be having some sort of addiction to video games.

Currently, they have become the main entertainment for parents and children, who are passionate about this form of entertainment, this market has attracted young and old people.

There are many game consoles, and among the highlights are: Playstation, Wii, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, Xbox 360, among others. In addition, there are "online" games for those who are lovers of digital technology.

It can be considered as an addiction to video games when you are spending all day sitting in front of a TV no matter what happens around you, do not even feel the concern to satisfy the need for food.

For sociologist Emma Mendoza, the addiction to video games can affect the daily lives of people, as it tends to concentrate rather than the community, as well as the interaction between parents and children individualities.

Mendoza said "every day" that a person can be considered addicted to these types of games when 'interrupted rest time, reduces the time to share with family or when the life of that human being revolves around the activity '.

For computer science teacher at the University of Panama (UP) Donna A. Roper when a child or a parent fails to do his responsibilities by sitting most of the day in front of a TV or computer, playing video games, it is an addiction and should be supervised by parents.

"I have almost an addiction for video games, but I know what time I can devote time to this activity," said Roper.

Contrary to what the experts think about the subject of addiction for video games, to Thomas Arauz, father, 30 years old, "is not an addition, but a way to pass the time, it does not affect me anything, it gives me time to do my responsibilities at home, "he said.

Arauz said that in his free time to spend time with your Nintendo DS games, specifically the game of Mario Kart, which is one of his favorites.

The cost of a game varies according to the type and model it.

  • There addiction if not breached its responsibilities to play.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Tutorial: Painting with acrylic

indian-colorsThe acrylic paint is an interesting painting technique that was first used artistically in the 1930s and was consolidated in the early 50's, so we can say it is very young.

Belongs to the group of "temples" which They are paintings with one of the main binders is the well known water. Traditional tempering is a mixture of glue (animal) + eggs + water + pigment. And acrylic paint is a mixture of synthetic resin pigment + water + or + other components such as gels, emulsifiers, colloid, initiators, monomers, etc. that depend on the manufacturer and give quality to the painting, its use and subsequent storage (if they want more information on the composition of the press acrylic paint here and here, it is very interesting.) Ralph Mayer, a world leader in materials and techniques of art, considered acrylic paints were designed for coating walls, metal, etc., and although they were of excellent quality, no one could consider his durability over the centuries as an oil painting. Mayer published his excellent book in 1940, so I think that had not yet reached the current refinement industry fine arts materials regarding acrylic paints. This is a technique that uses the same pigments but diluted in an acrylic binder formed of a synthetic resin. The resulting medium is well soluble in water. It dries quickly and matte finish (acrylic least half). Once dry it is waterproof. Shall we go by parts:

  1. green-blue-and-redMEDIA ON WHICH TO PAINT. : They are similar to those of oil, that is, canvas, tablex, cardboard, foam board, wood, paper, etc.. Yes, the area shall be protected with primer (acrylic also). For priming cardboard, wood, etc., we can use a mixture of glue (rabbit skin glue, fish glue, polyvinyl acetate, etc.) + distilled water + white powder, White Paris etc, there are also trademarks very practical as the Gesso.
    ALWAYS recommend using quality materials, this will make us a more enjoyable work and extend the life of the paint.
  2. BRUSHES.: You can use almost any type of brush, brush and spatula. Brushes should be something rigid to withstand the stress of painting, they are not practical for watercolor brushes. The most practical are the brushes and synthetic brushes. As the paint dries quickly, we always have on hand boats with water to clean them thoroughly. And of course, after each session we wash them and leave "as new" if we want to extend its life.
  3. PALLETTE. Any blade can be used, although plastics are preferred, since they are easily cleaned after each session. Personally I use aluminum foil or plastic disposable plates.
  4. SOLVENT: The water is the solvent used for painting acrylic, also for conducting glazes, cleaning utensils, etc, etc.. If you look to avoid unwanted results always use distilled water , as tap water can hold components that alter the quality of the painting.
    Once the paint dries, it becomes waterproof.water
  5. DRYING DELAY AND OTHER MEDIUMS. retarder is a very interesting product that can mix with . paint as paint, helps retard drying time, which is suitable for certain tables that require slow execution times
    are also mediums in gel form that make the paint more smoothly, or brighter ... really practical when we control the art.
  6. motherwell-elegy-for-sprepVARNISH: In principle we can say that an acrylic painting "well" executed not need varnish to protect it as their own components guarantee your life. But that need not mean that it is not desirable to protect from attack or just want to increase or decrease the brightness of the surface.
    Interestingly, once dry the entire surface can "brighten slightly" wiping with a soft cloth.
It is said that acrylic paint, once dry, can be cleaned with soap and water and even ammonia. I personally do not advise it, painting can drag and completely destroy it. Using the logic, lamp by using a damp cloth and dab. If you find a dirty or damaged surface will be restored using techniques that ensure full integrity of the frame.
was also said that you can paint with oils on the technique of "fat over lean" dry acrylic paint. While in theory this is true, keep in mind that we are dealing with materials to totally opposites as water and oil, I do not recommend it, because ultimately we do not know how they will react the box and we can find any unpleasant surprises. The gesso base that is used for surface preparation is water, and if you can paint oil over it, but gesso components have proven over the centuries its effectiveness.

Acrylic paint is associated with contemporary art.
-Acrylic paint dries before the oil, and is usually opaque.
-The oil tends to generate more possibilities and n texture, au gel acrylic nthat adding rich textures are achieved.
Good brands of paints are Amsterdam, Titan, Reeves and Pebeo. If we are beginners, we can practice with cheaper brands. There are boats and tubes also multiple years and prices, for example, a tube of a quality brand green bladder.
In the 50's was when those paints with acrylics reached a boom in the market, particularly in the United States; also emerged new artistic techniques originated by Noland, Pollock, Rothko and Motherwell . These painters applied their colors in different ways; Pollock, for example, used a lot of glazes and impasto, Nolan built uniform color areas with defined boundaries; Rothko, meanwhile, huge stained boards with thin transparent washes.
  • Some features of acrylic we can highlight :

  • His brightness, giving a very wide range of colors
    Transparency and density ,
    Fluid mixtures so that blends between colors is easy with just remove a little,
    Drying and shrinkage, which equally affects all the pictorial volume, so you can use large fillings paint and dry with stability like if it were a simple stroke.
    Light stability, which means high resistance to color deterioration is given by the very "medium" to protect the pigments.
I add two videos: the first is an example for beginners that gives us an idea of how to paint clouds with acrylic. In the second video we see Pollock, a brilliant painter who we see working, which is a real godsend.

Coming soon show you more details about the art and paintings of artists who have achieved true works of art with acrylics.
I hope you like it.

How to Prepare Your Brochure For Print

A professional looking brochure is important sales tool and a valuable part
of your marketing arsenal. Because the image of your business is so important,
it's best not to skimp on the basics: quality writing and art. Instead, save a
lot of money by shopping for good deals on bulk printing and ordering - after
trying the prospectus for a while.

Prepare Your Brochure For Print

Before you start your project, get a clear idea of ​​their objectives. What
customers are trying to achieve? Will you need different versions of your
brochure for different types of customers? Can you check your first version and
use the main message and art back into second brochure?

You'll want to call the attention of text in your brochure cover, text
yelling your customer "Readme" support with dynamic art that expands in your
message, engaging the prospect.

Inside the booklet, you'll want to be sure to explain why your company can
meet your needs. Writing should be clear, concise and focused, leaving no doubt
this booklet should be kept for the day when they are ready to buy. You may want
to dedicate a panel or two to the company history, locations and contact
information. Another panel can be dedicated to contact people within the
company, as a sales representative or community.

You may want to include photos of some members of key personnel, facilities
or equipment believe that selling your company's products or services. You may
want to have quality photos to convey your message and keep costs under control.
Make sure you have the legal rights to use the photos or clip art that you
choose. If your budget allows, you may want to hire a graphic designer to design
artwork specifically for the needs of your business.

These are the raw materials to be used in the brochure design, no matter who
does the work. The text is usually presented in three or four panels, along with
the artwork. Should then be thoroughly checked to ensure that the text is clean
and flowing properly. Does the brochure correctly folded, leaving ample space
between the panels of a folding machine printer - even when it has slipped a
bit? Also check for spelling and grammar errors.

A test of an office printer is sufficient to ensure that no major issues and
ensure the main elements are placed in a nice way. Circulate booklet for reviews
of their effectiveness, attractiveness and accuracy.

The choice of paper for your test booklet may vary from cheaper labor cake
for a black ink or a glossy brochure material for more elaborate. Make sure that
your printer will print in office, or arrange for the test batch is printed on a
local copy shop. The copy center can have an appropriate role in the hand, but
may also be able to supply his own.

It's a good idea to see a demonstration of the working copy center before
authorizing full paper. This will give you the opportunity to see how the
artwork and the type of play on your computer.

You will have to decide the number of copies made on the basis of their
estimated during the trial period, which can vary from several days to months or
longer need. Is it to make enough copies of the tests to allow time for feedback
from potential customers and management before committing to a large number of
printed copies.

While these proof copies are in use, you can request price quotes from
printers to get your best price. Check prices for varying amounts. Be sure to
ask the price for each company based on the same parameters.

After your trial period, you may need some changes or corrections in your
brochure. When done, you are ready to place your order and check one more test
to ensure your satisfaction.

A brochure is a handy sales tool with many potential applications, from
installation in offices and business lobbies to direct mail and Internet
distribution. You can also place orders with a brochure out to inform customers
of other services your company offers.

How to Perform the Magical Trick "Revenge of the Assistant"

The magical illusion "Revenge of the Wizard" is a favorite illusions of
magicians and experienced a lot of followers. The magician is enclosed by her
assistant in a steel cage. The complicated aspect of this trick is to swap
places with the wizard before the curtain reopened. There are several steps to
execute "revenge of the assistant" indeed.

revenge of the assistant - magic trick
Difficulty level: Moderate


  1. Choose the cage, curtains and ties necessary for the illusion of magic
    "revenge of the assistant." The shortage of fully equipped magic shops in most
    cities makes use online outlets a necessity to elaborate illusions.

  2. Create your own cage using instructions from professional magicians.
    "Theatricks" is an online service that sells step by step instructions to create
    illusions as "the revenge of the assistant", "table of death" and
  3. Install false locks for your hands and legs to simplify the performance.
    Locate the locks on the outside of the bonds without cross inside the unit.
    Another method of containment are breakable like tape or plastic that can be
    started quickly during the illusion.
  4. Enters the steel cage and pretending to inspect the appliance for a trick
    below. Your assistant should be off-stage and should act maliciously for the
    benefit of the audience.
  5. Surrender to your assistant attempts to lock yourself in the apparatus.
    Pretend fight while your assistant puts the shackles on your hands and feet to
    show that you are genuinely surprised by these actions.
  6. Talk to your assistant before taking out "the vengeance of the assistant" on how
    to draw the curtain on the cage. Your assistant should pause at each corner of
    the cage while pushing the curtain to create suspense in the audience.
  7. Locate a reflector on your assistant as she runs around the cage to distract
    the audience floundering inside. Members of the audience need to be distracted
    in seconds needed for the stagehand help you get rid of your bonds.
  8. Take the side of the curtain that is pushing your assistant while she reaches
    the back of the cage. Use the same dramatic pauses and flourishes as she is tied
    by the stagehand.
  9. Investigate the variations used by other magicians act as "the revenge of the
    wizard." There are dozens of performances of this illusion on YouTube made by
    magicians like Tony Clark who can help the young wizards to enhance their

Tips and Warnings

  • Use drums, synthesizers and guitar riffs to cover the noise while you carry
    out this magic illusion. These musical instruments need to start at a low tone
    and must amount to a climax when the curtains are open. The sound level has to
    cover the noise cast by the bonds and footprints inside the cage.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Instead of Abracadabra, The Short Film That Was Nominated For an Oscar

Instead of Abracadabra

Instead of Abracadabra is an excellent and fun Swedish short
20 minutes, directed by Patrik Eklund and in 2010 was nominated
for an Oscar for "Best Short Film".

This comical yet dramatic story centers by the Swedish Simon J
who plays Tomas, a young eccentric 25 year old who aspires to be a magician, although his father preferred a "real job" is sought.

Tomas, in
addition to having to deal with his family, his bizarre attempt to use magic to
seduce a girl he met at the hospital that led to his own mother, after this came
out they hurt one of his magic tricks.

The great opportunity for Tomas to conquer his love and prove to his family
that a magician is a decent work will be at the birthday party of his father,
which forced offered to perform magic.

Instead of Abracadabra is an entertaining and funny story
with many bizarre moments, very interesting for those who live close to this
magic. Of course, if you feel identified with the main character ... I think
you're in trouble!

I invite you to see the entire film. There are three parts that together
account for almost 20 minutes. It is subtitled in English:

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Humor, curiosities, rare, incredible and amazing things in the world

Page with humorous disconnect issues, wonder and smile a little selection of interesting and difficult things to believe in the world, to refresh, entertain, enjoy and share with friends.

Surprised Face

Newsgathering and unusual facts and ordinary in our world.
Curious statistics, the origin of some words, mysteries and unknowns.
Humorous and entertaining topics that will serve you for a nice and pleasant time.

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Interesting things you should know

  • The average person laughs about 15 times a day (should it even better).
  • The longest word in the Spanish language is 'unconstitutionally', followed by the name Muscle 'sternocleidomastoid' neck.

  • An amazing math, take a calculator and check: 111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321
  • It is shown that long-term marriage reduces alcohol consumption in men and increased in women.
  • People who stay up late tend to have more nightmares.
  • Laugh just 15 seconds a day can extend your life.
  • The consumption of two beers a day reduces the risk of Alzheimer's.
  • Eating fish boosts brain capacity.
  • Should be avoided in the past hour fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges and affecting sleep.
  • In the afternoon, hormone levels in the body are the best time to exercise.
  • The soursop (a fruit) can kill cancer cells without causing damage to other healthy cells.
  • For each two cigarettes are smoked, a loss of about half an hour of life.
  • It is impossible to tickle yourself, the cerebellum predicts that our movements and eliminates the surprise factor, therefore pleasure.
  • Serotonin (compound found in chocolate) helps calm anxiety and leads to pleasant dreams.
  • Almost half of the water we drink expelled through the breath.
  • Engagement rings are placed on the fourth finger because it was believed that this finger has the "vein of love" that goes straight to the heart.
  • Seahorses choose a partner for life. When it dies, stay alone for a while and then die too.
  • In the U.S., lawyers and judges can not be friends on Facebook.
  • Alcohol makes people around you seem 10% more beautiful.
Be sure to read related post: 35 Weird Facts You Never Heard of!  Read other interesting things
  • Drinking water during a test, significantly improves the results.
  • You can prevent irritation of the eyes as an onion spades, chewing gum.
  • Excessive use of Smartphone, accelerates the appearance of wrinkles on the face.
  • The Coca Cola was originally green soda.
  • The world's smallest alphabet is the Hawaiian (Hawaiian language, state of USA) has only 12 letters.
  • If your phone is touch screen probably has more bacteria than a public toilet.
  • Over 70% of people will try to lick your elbow once you tell them you can not.
  • We say "bless you" when someone sneezes, because the heart stops for a millisecond.
  • The average person laughs about 15 times a day.
  • Music has the ability to repair brain damage and lost memories return.
  • The ignorant are more likely to believe that they are bright, while intelligent people are more likely to be underestimated.
  • Out of 100 people, 90 believe handle better than others.
  • A man uses 117 days of his life in wash, while women spend two years.
  • A woman usually takes between ten to twelve minutes to achieve orgasm. Man takes on average three minutes.
  • Pregnant women who work standing deliver smaller children.
  • When a person dies, hearing is the last sense you lose. The first is usually sight, followed by taste, smell and touch.
  • Even identical twins have different fingerprints.
  • What we hear in our ear when pasting a seashell, is not the sound of the sea, but the echo caused by blood flowing through the ear.
  • October is the month in which more birthdays are celebrated.
  • It is proved that the trees also damaged by noise.
  • The first kiss I remember most women who lose their virginity.
  • Take the hand of a loved one or just watch your photo, you can help reduce physical pain.
  • On Facebook and other social networks, men want to look smarter than they are and the more attractive women.
  • 27% of readers skip to the end to know what happens in a book before finishing it.
  • The right nostril detects unpleasant odors more easily.
  • Moderate coffee consumption may reduce the risk of depression.
  • Those who walk slowly are more likely to suffer dementia and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • It is proven that music helps more than 20% to reduce chronic pain and alleviates depression cases above 25%.
  • When we are happy we enjoyed the music, but being sad try to understand the lyrics.
  • If you do not receive natural light during the day is very likely to suffer from insomnia at night.
  • According to a study babies with only 6 months, they realize their parents humor.
  • The way you dress determines what we perceive others, but also conveys how we think about ourselves.
  • According to experiments pigeons can remember the faces of people.

Bike for (very) Beginners

Flying over Pinterest boards, a few nights ago I saw a bike that caught my attention because it reminded me of Mickey Mouse. At first, at first glance, I thought it was from Disney and represented the friendly mouse, but the larger photo I saw I was wrong.

Pewi Ybike Ride On Toy and Walking Buddy

It was the Pewi Ybike Ride On Toy and Walking Buddy, noticing more and I could see a detail of odd to be a bike: I had no pedals. Good thing I'm not a cat because curiosity but would have killed me long ago, so (curiosity, say) I started researching this artifact as if a siren call her my attention. I researched and dived to get more information, and as seeks finds, I found, and more than I expected to find.

The Pewi provides a stable balance aid for early walking practice
The Pewi provides a stable balance aid for early walking practice

I became upon an online distributor with bike shop area. I read data avid bike rider had called so my attention, and I could learn so this is a bike designed for children who can use from 12 months. So no pedals! , it is more than likely twelve months a sprout know not walk yet, but they are not very smart, but the trick is that children can move and change direction with balancing your body, and from ten months, swing swing, and how!. From the seat to the floor is 27 cm, so almost certainly any child from that age makes you walk sitting. But if you think ten months is too early to have time to use it, as it is recommended from that age up to two years, or 20 kg, whichever comes first, as in the reviews of the chassis is aluminum cars.The what resistance test or rough is secured and is lightweight, just over two and a half kg, so their transport from one place to another does not leave us with pureed kidney. Did you like this innovative bike? Well you have it in 3 colors, blue, pink and red, you're sure to love for your little treasure.I thought it was an original new, great way to introduce little ones in the cycling sport product, not to become another counter, but at least, to have more other stimulus with which to relate cause and effect ( if I balancing this progresses ).Original and innovative as other products offered by this fun online store.This online distributor is a complete childcare, toys and anything you can think of, where you can find anything from utensils to food or hygiene, sleep, unconventional dolls and even clothes or gadgets for decorating children's rooms. Quite a different than usual to blow click catalog. With the advantage that costs Shipping is free within easy purchase you make and their return policy works like a charm.What did you think? Are we going shopping?